Product quality

We work only with trusted manufacturers.
All factories are initially tested in our retail stores.

Trust in us

To make sure of our decency we offer the following options:

1. Check out the Instagram page:

All live photos are taken in our retail stores.
This resource makes it possible to check information about us, for this, in the profile header, click "Account Information".
The account was created on October 21, 2016 and has not changed its name since September 2017.
You can also see our active paid ads.

2. Video call from any of our retail stores.

Thus, you can see us, as well as an assortment of factories we represent.

3. Phoned with existing customers who have physical or online stores.

Our managers can provide a list of cities where there are already existing customers, and you will choose the appropriate option.

4. You can always offer your own option :)